What people say about Staff Now

We pride ourselves on our high satisfaction rates. Happy people – whether you’re looking for work or a new member of your team – that’s what it’s all about and why we come to work.

We believe in our values and love working as a team, delivering a great service to great people.

You’d expect us to say that we do a great job, wouldn’t you? So don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what employers say about us

Photo showing Matt and Bernie from Sanctuary Students

“Staff Now understand us and what we’re looking for and offer us great continuity of service.”

Matt Clinnick, Accommodation Manager, Sanctuary Students

Matt Clinnick is the Accommodation Manager at Sanctuary Students, which manages buildings housing nearly 300 students on behalf of Brighton University.

“I’ve had experience of both sides of the Staff Now service. Diana placed me in the Assistant Manager role here at Sanctuary Students, and we use Staff Now for temporary, short-term and seasonal porters, caretakers and cleaning staff.

“When I was promoted to Accommodation Manager I trusted Diana to find the right person to support me.

Staff Now rose to the challenge

“And Diana rose to the challenge with her usual style and good humour. We recruited Bernie within a week, bringing him in as a temp (a ‘try before you buy’, if you will), before moving him onto a permanent contract after 10 weeks.

“One of the great things about a temp-to-perm contract at Staff Now is that you don’t pay an extra fee – I know some agencies would charge you a percentage of the permanent salary.

Great continuity of service

“If we need someone we send Staff Now a job description and they work with that. They understand us and what we’re looking for and offer us great continuity of service.

“The team at Staff Now is friendly, approachable and down-to-earth. The standard of their staff is high. And any problems get sorted straightaway.”

“Thank you once again for your prompt procurement of temporary bar staff for our purposes! We shall be in touch, probably sooner than you think!”

Proprietor – Friends Catering Service

“Many thanks for all of your help as usual. Sung your praises with Mandy, hope she gives you a pay rise and an extra week leave at Christmas for it! I cant thank you enough for all of your help, particularly over the last weeks. I much appreciate it.”

Facilities coordinator – Lewes Victoria Hospital

“Over the last 3 months I have had some on-going staff issues and I have received some quite outstanding cover from the staff you have sent out. I like the fact that you take time to listen to your clients, and respond to that with the right staff for the right job.”

Catering Manager – Worthing College

“You have made my transition into this job a lot easier and bought me quite a few laughs along the way. I truly do appreciate all of your help.”

Facilities coordinator – Lewes Victoria Hospital

And here’s what candidates say about us

Photo shows Staff Now candidate, Bernie Jackson

“Staff Now has been a big part of my life in Brighton – they’ve helped me pay my bills.”

Bernie Jackson, Assistant Accommodation Manager, Sanctuary Students

“I came to Brighton 13 years ago, and worked for Staff Now at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital as a driver on a temp-to-perm contract.

“A few years later I found myself looking for work again and there was no question about me going straight to the team at Staff Now. They found me some temporary kitchen work, which was great, but I wanted to move into a permanent job.

“When Diana heard that Matt at Sanctuary Students was looking for an Assistant Accommodation Manager, she thought I’d be a good fit. I started here as a temp and was soon rewarded with the permanent contract that I wanted. I really enjoy it here.”

“I’ve had as much work as I want since I started working working for staff now. The office staff are friendly, helpful and efficient.”


“Once I started with Staff Now I gained experience and proved that I am a valuable asset if you give me the chance.”


“Would really recommend this company, they are forever going out of their way to help.”


“Charley has been so good, keeping me in the loop and communication was really good. Thank you so much for all your help and support.”


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